TaalUnie added: opportunities

At the entrance of Taalunie (Dutch Language Union) is a wall image of words which I made a few years ago. Every employee may choose a word, which I draw on the wall. And this time I could add ‘kansen’ (which means opportunities in Dutch).

Two Types

We are surrounded by types, the words on signs, buses, shops and documents which guide us through our lives. Two types in particular are regarded as the faces of Britain – Johnston and Gill Sans. Their story is told by typeface expert Mark Ovenden. Fascinating history of the two most common type faces in Britain.

This Circle!

With such an easy movement you can get such a strong form! The world is ingenious. “Giotto Circle #2” by artist James Nares Here you can read more about the famous circle of Giotto.

Printed motion

Motion lives in stillness. I love this book!  Poemotin by Takahiro Kurashima Publisher: Lars Müller

Where to begin?

Beginning to draw at the top is not traditional nor very logical to do. But the video of  Trương DP drawing from top to bottom like a printer is incredible fascinating. Sometimes I also do not write from left to right, like here and here.

North Sea View

It was a huge pleasure to paint these huge letters… with a view! For the official start to build a new residence on the Hellingweg in Scheveningen: ZEEZICHT.
Initiated by Jos van Boxtel, Urban developer from Stebru.