Almost four o’clock

The analog clock drawn analogously, real time. Maarten Baas performance in the newly renovated Lounge 2 at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. I love it.

The Q-project

Inspired by toys like Lego or Meccano, the Q Project lets the user play with letters endlessly. Digital of course as well as analogue with those beautiful physical drafting templates! Its a game-like type system designed by Peter Biľak from Typotheque. Try this!

I am square

How to visualise emotions with a simple form. Like this!

Visual music

Wake up the composer in you and create your own music with this beautiful visual music Doodle of Google!

Hidden illustrations on Swiss maps

Imagine, you search your way on a real paper map and you find there a fish, a hiker or a bear. It’s possible! Cartographers hide drawings on official Swiss maps. Read the story here.

Go Gucci handwritten!

Gucci has revealed a new logo inspired by children’s handwriting (from Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele). No wonder it evokes very different emotional reactions… (chuckle) and I love it. (I also love the smell of Gucci’s Guilty Perfume! But that’s another story.)

This Circle!

With such an easy movement you can get such a strong form! The world is ingenious. “Giotto Circle #2” by artist James Nares Here you can read more about the famous circle of Giotto.