Leave the winter on the ground

Did you know? The original song of Roxette’s ‘It Must Have Been Love’, released in 1987, was originally written as a Christmas Song! (by Per Gessle) Later, in 1990, it became (slightly edited version) the soundtrack to the film Pretty Woman. Happy Christmas Day’s!

My favourite image

Unlimited beauty, oversized happiness. Top of the euphoria: i jumped into this lake (filled with water of glacier ‘Glatt Firn’). It was cold. (Obersee, Krönten, Switzerland)

Almost four o’clock

The analog clock drawn analogously, real time. Maarten Baas performance in the newly renovated Lounge 2 at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. I love it.

My first steps in Holland 20 years ago

Today it’s exactly twenty years ago i got off the international train in Den Haag HS to start my half year Erasmus Exchange Program at Royal Academy of Art The Hague. I did not plan to fall in love with Holland or to a dutch adventurer, to give birth to two (dutch) girls, to start as an independent entrepreneur or anyway to settle! But it happened. Thank you for the (very early in the morning) foto, Flavia Mosele!

The Q-project

Inspired by toys like Lego or Meccano, the Q Project lets the user play with letters endlessly. Digital of course as well as analogue with those beautiful physical drafting templates! Its a game-like type system designed by Peter Biľak from Typotheque. Try this!

I am square

How to visualise emotions with a simple form. Like this!