I am square

How to visualise emotions with a simple form. Like this!

The art of corona

These are bizarre times. Corona stops the world turning economically and socially. But in case you have some spare time, try this: copy a famous painting with three objects from your home. it’s plainly hilarious.

TaalUnie added: opportunities

At the entrance of Taalunie (Dutch Language Union) is a wall image of words which I made a few years ago. Every employee may choose a word, which I draw on the wall. And this time I could add ‘kansen’ (which means opportunities in Dutch).

Two Types

We are surrounded by types, the words on signs, buses, shops and documents which guide us through our lives. Two types in particular are regarded as the faces of Britain – Johnston and Gill Sans. Their story is told by typeface expert Mark Ovenden. Fascinating history of the two most common type faces in Britain.

Stand-up poster

If there would be an Oscar for the best poster, I would give it instantly to Seoul-based Sejin Choi for his poster! Have also a peek at the KNCDC calendar on his site: very wooow!