A black let go

Some day’s I would like to do this: to scratch black all over the wall instead of making sweet curves 😉 I love this image of swedish artist Nug. Quite evenly black let go.

Christoph Niemann

The art of Christoph Niemann makes me chuckle. Playful humor with a pinch of fresh insights. Out now and a bit more serious is his new book ‘Hopes and Dreams’. Of course I love the handwritten texts!

Where to begin?

Beginning to draw at the top is not traditional nor very logical to do. But the video of  Trương DP drawing from top to bottom like a printer is incredible fascinating. Sometimes I also do not write from left to right, like here and here.


Our roadtrip brought us to Ljubljana (Slovenia). It wasn’t just a beautiful name on the map: no, it was a beautiful city! With friendly people, nice food and… great handletters! Thank you Ljubljana for meeting you and hopefully see you soon! (Photos randomly taken in the city)