Randy & Ruttish

If you visit the beautiful Seduction gallery in Naturalis (Biodiversity Center in Leiden) you’ll find a hot secret room. In this room I handlettered some nice words I have never heard before.  

Where to begin?

Beginning to draw at the top is not traditional nor very logical to do. But the video of  Trương DP drawing from top to bottom like a printer is incredible fascinating. Sometimes I also do not write from left to right, like here and here.

Earthly letters for Naturalis

Naturalis (Biodiversity Center in Leiden) reopened her doors with stunning new exposition rooms (tip!). For the ‘Earth’ room (aardezaal) I draw no less than 8751 letters on basalt stone (which came from the major Dutch Enclosure Dam). In the earthroom you can experience the forces of the earth live.

Temptation in Naturalis

For the gallery ‘Temptation’ in Naturalis, I lettered seven slogans on a advertising column. My favorite is “The smell of love: buy our fragrances here” made in RAL 4003! For more ‘handletters’ I’ve done in Naturalis Leiden see my portfolio and Instagram.


Our roadtrip brought us to Ljubljana (Slovenia). It wasn’t just a beautiful name on the map: no, it was a beautiful city! With friendly people, nice food and… great handletters! Thank you Ljubljana for meeting you and hopefully see you soon! (Photos randomly taken in the city)   

North Sea View

It was a huge pleasure to paint these huge letters… with a view! For the official start to build a new residence on the Hellingweg in Scheveningen: ZEEZICHT.
Initiated by Jos van Boxtel, Urban developer from Stebru.


Some new exciting project I am busy right now, naturally hand lettered! More coming up soon…

High Handletters

Letters bring me to beautiful places: I filmed this at the 12th floor at the Marriott Hotel in Rotterdam. See the letters i wrote (in this building on great height) in my portfolio!